30 Photographs

Yes, we told the woman at the funeral home, we want the slide show at the visitation for Dad (actually my husband’s dad but he was the last one I had left). We were told we had to choose 30 photographs and turn them in the next day. It seemed like a lot. I even … Continue reading

My So Called Life

Further tales of adventures as a mom and a daughter, as well as my “weirdest things of the day” Facebook posts from the summer More Tales from the Sandwich Generation: tom. is Friday the 13th and a full moon. I am getting up before dawn to see my son off at the airport, working 4 … Continue reading

Work, Walmart, and Other Weirdness

(In Which Our Heroine Shares Some of Her Weirdest Thing of the Day Facebook Posts) Son and I helped Mom out some this afternoon and I heard the ice cream truck. The one in my old neighborhood has always had an eclectic selection of music. Today it was la cucaracha, home on the range and … Continue reading

The Sandwich Generation

A collection of recent Facebook posts and comments that illustrate how much fun it is to be raising a teenager and a 70-year-old parent at the same time. So after facing snowmaggedon panic at Meijer and making a total idiot of myself chasing a receipt through the parking lot, I brought some lunch back to … Continue reading

Diamonds and Candy and Bears, Oh My

Every February, or actually right after Christmas, the retailers trot out the candy, stuffed animals, and greeting cards. The florists decorate windows in pink and red and white and the jewelry stores run ads featuring diamond necklaces. I once posted online that “you know the FFA* is in town and Valentine’s Day is coming when … Continue reading

That Would Only Happen to You, Angi

Adventures of the Technologically Challenged: I tried to join a professional network. You have to sign in to your Google account, which I didn’t have. I couldn’t figure it out from the home page. I had to Google how to join Google. FB emoticon :(feeling stupid I do a lot of online surveys and I … Continue reading

The Contents of My Car

The other day (September 2013) I got pulled over by a deputy in our small town because my registration sticker wasn’t current. It took a while to find the sticker because when my son looked in the glove box, he had to sift through the following items: a coupon book, a Weight Watchers Eating Out … Continue reading